Inazma Pulse
What is Inazma Pulse?
The electronic noise generated by the ignition system is said to be the strongest among several other electronic noise found in a vechicle. These interferences of electronic noise can cause difficulty to your vehicle's electronic equipment. The inazma Pulse can be used to ease the elctronic noise and increase the effects of ground returning to the negative post of your battery. This will prevent glitch and unwanted noise coming from your electronic devices and also avoids functional decline of each device. With the Inazma Pulse, the potential of all electrical components of your vehicle can be extracted as much as possible.

What is Inazma Pulse?
With Inzma Pulse, the electric noise generated from your car's ignition system within the frequency bacd from 750rpm until 6000rpm is absorbed and combustion efficiency of your vehicle is increased. As a result, your can expect various positive effects on your vehicle such as increased horsepower and better torque, increased gas mileage, reduced audio noises, stabilizaing idling, brighter headlight illumunation, and reduced gas emission

*actual effectiveness varies by vehicle.
*actual effectiveness varies by personal drivability