Hot Inazma Pocket
Fuel Tuning! InazmaHG
The HotInaZma Pocket will help you realize your vehicle's full potential. It keeps the electrical system stable by storing and providing much needed electricity during times of high pull-i.e. sudden acceleration, turning on the A/C, turning on the lights, and when using the radio. This also prevents wasted electrical flow during times of pull, thus improving fuel consumption, reducing emissions, and sustaining brighter headlights.

ホットイナズマ ポケット
HotInaZma Pocket Specialized for 12V

ホットイナズマ ポケット ブルー ホットイナズマ ポケット スモーク
blue smoke

As of late, negative ions have been found to produce many different beneficial results. Through its special surface treatment technology, the Hot InaZma Pocket produces 2,500 to 3,000 pcs./cc of negative ions, thus reducing unwanted odors in your vehicle.
LED blinks in blue while working. 作動確認が出来るLEDがブルーに点灯します