Cyber Speed Hyper Voltage System

Cyber Speed components are created through development of technology used for competition with the record breaking Cyber Evo. Now, the benefits of our experience with racing technology are available for your vehicle, so you too can feel the competitive spirit of CYBER SPEED.

Applications : Subaru Impreza WRX/STi (GDA/GDF: '03+)/ Nissan 350Z ('02+) /Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution ('03+)

Hyper Voltage System

The H.V.S. Cyber Speed Version is designed to stabilize voltage in your vehicle for maximum battery efficiency, allowing its full potential to be released. H.V.S. Cyber Speed Version provides both function and stylish appearance; units are designed to fit perfectly for your vehicle, with specialized brackets and three additional grounding cables. The most secure and reliable mounting locations have been determined by our engineering and design team, to ensure an easy installation and excellent performance. An LED on the unit also operates as a system monitor, to alert you when your battery may need service or replacement.

Applications: Subaru Impreza WRX/STi (GDA/GDF '03+)/ Nissan 350Z ('02+) / Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution ('03+)

-Increased horsepower
-Increased torque
-Better gas mileage
-Improved throttle response
-Longer battery life
-Improved battery efficiency
-Reduced emissions
• Actual effectiveness varies by vehicle.
• Actual effectiveness varies by personal drivability.